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Community Volunteers making Valentines decorations

Community volunteers support our mission

For more than 20 years, KeystoneCare’s community volunteers have been providing care, comfort and support to those living with a terminal illness and the families that support them. Our volunteers often experience a profound change in their own lives from serving patients who are living out their remaining days.

Whether working directly with patients or aiding in administrative duties, our community volunteers are a vital part of the Keystone staff and have a key role in our organization. Our volunteers range from students to business people and from artists to community groups, to health practitioners and retirees. As diverse as they are, all our volunteers share a common desire to enrich their own lives while helping others.

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering for hospice is a very rewarding experience. By serving people who are making choices on how to live their remaining days of life, volunteers learn more about themselves and what really matters. Becoming a hospice volunteer could be the most rewarding experience of your life. Many community volunteers learned of hospice through personal use of the services. The newly bereaved are asked to wait one year before training to volunteer.


Hospice Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities to help may be in the patient’s home, our residential care facility, Keystone House or a nursing home, and may include:

  • Listening to the concerns of the patient and family
  • Providing companionship to the patient
  • Reading to the patient or suggesting other activities
  • Giving emotional support and reassurance to the patient, caregivers or family
  • Providing pastoral support to the patient

Home Hospice Volunteers

The volunteer’s presence in the home can be of great support and comfort to the caregivers, freeing them to perform errands and chores or even take time to nurture themselves. This helps relieve the emotionally and physically exhausting demands experienced by the caregivers. The volunteer may also help the patients express their concerns, needs and interests in order to enhance the quality of the remaining days of life.

Residential Care Volunteers

Volunteers provide companionship and emotional support to both patient and their family throughout their stay. The volunteer assists the nursing staff in helping to ensure each patient is as comfortable as possible. Volunteers are a valued presence.

Vigil Volunteers

Vigil Volunteers provide companionship with a quiet presence through the dying process.

Bereavement Volunteers

Bereavement support is offered to help survivors cope with their loss and to facilitate the natural grief process.

Community Volunteers at Keystone Hospice

Administrative Volunteers

Administrative volunteers provide additional office support by maintaining records, filing, performing data entry and completing mailings.

Keystone House Gardens

The Butterfly represents the universal Symbol of Life. The Gardens at Keystone House were created where both flora and fauna abound. Patients enjoy sitting in the gazebo and witnessing nature at its best featuring a century old magnolia tree amid a butterfly house and bush. Community volunteers maintain a welcome outdoor environment for both residents and visitors alike.

Community Outreach, Special Events and Fund Raising

Volunteers participate in health fairs, community event information tables, and assist with holiday celebrations and events.

“Linda’s Celebration of Life

Created by Keystone Hospice patient Linda, who wanted to honor each patient on what could be their final birthday. “Linda’s Celebration of Life” is a program devoted to recognizing each patient’s special day where volunteers bake and deliver birthday cakes to each patient.

Volunteer Training & Education

Volunteers receive free specialized training in all aspects of terminal illness to include the medical, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects of dying. Volunteers also receive ongoing, monthly support and supervision.

Please Join Us !

To join the team of more than 100 home care / hospice and bereavement volunteers, contact our Director of Volunteers at Keystone Hospice, 215-836-2440, Ext. 320. You may also complete and return the application by clicking on the button below:


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