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Experiencing Life to the Fullest

KeystoneCare Hospice is dedicated to providing skilled nursing care with the compassionate support that patients and families need during a terminal illness.

Keystonecare provides hospice care at home, at a healthcare facility, and at our inpatient care home

Our team provides services that respond to the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of our patients and offers sensitive and confident support to family members.


Making the Right Decisions

It can be difficult to grapple with the decisions that come with terminal illness. The challenge of choosing the right option for your loved one, and with your loved one, is often accompanied by uncertainty. You shouldn’t have to question whether you are making the right decision. For more than 20 years, KeystoneCare Hospice has been helping families in our region by offering comfort, optimism, and the experience of truly living with their terminally ill loved ones. We provide companionship, the dignity that comes from being comfortable, and peace of mind from the knowledge that your loved one is in the best hands.


A Good Fit is a Good Choice

KeystoneCare’s hospice care is designed to meet individual needs. From comprehensive hospice care in a patient’s own home, to care at the residential Keystone House, we are equipped and staffed to provide the specialized care your loved one deserves.


Care at Home

Hospice care received in the home gives patients and family members the peace and comfort of familiar surroundings and the closeness of friends and loved ones. Care is focused on pain home health caremanagement and symptom control. This approach allows the patient to continue routine activities as long as possible, and encourages family members to be present and to participate in the patient’s care.

All services of KeystoneCare Hospice as well as medications and durable medical equipment necessary to the comfort of the patient are typically included under insurance coverage.

Care at a Facility

Some patients are already in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities when the need for hospice care becomes a reality. In these cases, a patient’s comfort is often tied to preserving the familiarity of his or her surroundings. Rather than moving them, the hospice team can provide the specialized care that allows patients to stay where they are most at ease.

The KeystoneCare Hospice staff team works seamlessly with the staff and services of many area assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. Staff tend specifically to the residents’ end-of-life care needs which permits patients to remain in  familiar surroundings.

Care at Keystone House

Keystone House is an inpatient and residential hospice

There are times when care cannot be managed well at home and residential care services at Keystone House offer the comfort and support of a home-away-from-home. Located just outside of Philadelphia and neighboring Chestnut Hill in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, Keystone House is a warm, comforting inpatient/residential home that allows residents, families and visitors to experience the joy that everyday companionship can bring. From home-cooked meals to holiday celebrations, our care team at Keystone House works to create a day-to-day life experience offers comfort, socialization, and dignity.


Specialized Hospice Care

Our hospice staff and volunteers are specially trained to respect and honor the lifestyles, relationships, religious values and traditions of each patient, their families and loved ones.

Spiritual Support

We are sensitive and open to the ways in which patients and families may embrace their faith as they continue their journey through terminal illness. Our rabbinical chaplain offers a spiritual resource for hope, compassion and prayer to people of all faiths.


For more than 20 years, we have been helping men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS to live more fully through competent care offered in an environment of dignity and respect. Our caregivers understand how the disease affects patients physically and emotionally.

LGBT Community

KeystoneCare has a history of providing respectful and supportive care to lesbian, gay, bisexual, a transgender patients. We have experience in honoring patient’s wishes and supporting relationships. Keystone helps patients live life to the fullest, and is a safe and compassionate environment to offer care and comfort.

All of KeystoneCare’s professional staff is fully licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. KeystoneCare conducts thorough background screenings, including Pennsylvania criminal history and child abuse clearances.

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