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Residential Hospice at Keystone House

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Residential Hospice Care at Keystone House

“Judges, schoolteachers, artists, homemakers, ministers, newscasters, musicians, business leaders — as well as those who have no home at all — have all found comfort at Keystone House. There is a magic to the house that draws a wide range of personalities, professions and peoples.” –A Home With Heart.


There are times when care cannot be managed well at home. Residential hospice services at Keystone House offer the comfort and support of a home-away-from-home. Located just outside of Philadelphia and neighboring Chestnut Hill in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, Keystone House is a warm, comforting inpatient/residential home that allows residents, families and visitors to experience the joy that everyday companionship can bring. From home-cooked meals to holiday celebrations, our care team at Keystone House works to create a day-to-day life experience that providing additional patient comfort on a day-to-day basis and making special occasions more special.

As the first residential hospice in the mid-Atlantic to staff a full-time music therapist, Keystone patients benefit from musical and artistic outlets where they can express emotions and seek support and comfort. Keystone has led the way in offering these comprehensive programs that aid in pain management and contribute to patients’ overall quality of life.


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